That's not me, (Of course!)

It's Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die alongside the insanely brilliant, Yaphet Kotto (right) Geoffrey Holder (left).
(Yes! Holder is also the legendary 7-up Guy).

I chose this image as a visual representation of what happens during a reading:

In this scenario, I am Jane and my client is Yaphet (to the right).
While few, not many, may sit with some level of reservation (or skepticism) waiting for the message - and this is totally fine - most are eager and open.  Reading cards requires an interpretation of symbols and context. So, I generally take a moment for the message to become clear.

My role is not only to decipher the symbols, but also to listen to the collective guides that are present to assist in the reading. 
In this image, the guides would be Geoffey (letf).
It is important to note, that the guides are benevolent and want to help you on your journey. 
For me, it is like being the hostess and interpreter for the most magical and mystical party guest ever.

I absolutely, unequivocally love reading tarot and I  hope I get the chance to do it for you!

P.S.- As is tradition, there is always something burning in the background.
(If someone has an idea where I can get a rad fire pit like the one pictured above...let me know!)