I am an artist, writer, energy worker and ordained priestess.  I seriously dig shamans, therapist, gurus, life coaches, saints, witches and the like (I've seen and trained with a few myself and sometimes even implore similar techniques) but I do not officially use any of those titles for myself.  I use divination, specifically with tarot cards.  I inspire energy healing and shifting through intention candles, spirit work, sex magic, reiki, meditation, yoga , the good sense my mama gave me and of course dancing because it keeps it moving. 

Here are a few things I know for sure:

We are apart of an energy that is greater than ourselves - the universe.

This universe is always conspiring to do good for us and others - even if it feels like otherwise.

There is enough in this world for us all to have everything we need, so we needn't fear or fret.

One of our biggest challenges as humans is to believe the above statement.

Our greatest test is to have faith, trust and learn how to genuinely love ourselves and then everything else on the planet.

We are all in this together.  We will live and die by our projections and behavior toward others. So we must behave accordingly

Right now, I am enough. You are enough.  Everything we need, we have and it is our breath.  It is our life.  If we have life and are truly grateful for this gift then with a little help everything else will begin to fall into place.

Ultimately, we will all be fine or we else we will be something else.  What that something else is I am unsure but I am open to hear your opinions on the matter.

One last thing, because we are all divine spirits with great powers, our energy can be used for amazing things.  It is for this reason that I spent years studying somatic psychology and specifically the theories of orgone energy by Wilhelm Reich and universal consciousness by Carl Jung. I am an energy healer and certified in Reiki but in my lineage we simply called it the laying of hands and I offer this during sessions as needed.

I believe all whom exist on this beautiful blue planet are radiating unlimited potential.

So, let's make use of our time, let's make some magic. 

I'll let Aretha take it from here: